We are a family focused basketball training facility, passionate about growing the game and building a strong community.

The Safehouse Family welcomes you.

Our basketball training facility is located in Carlton NSW, part of the Georges River Council. Our gym is easily accessible from the M4, M5, King Georges Rd and Princes HWY arterial roads and is monitored to assist in the safety and enjoyment of our members. A short down hill walk from Hurstville or Allawah train station may contribute to your warm up before buzzing in and getting to work on your game.

We have a private carpark. There is street parking available which can vary from right in front to only a short walk away depending on the time of day / night.

Our focus is the continued growth of basketball in NSW. We are a small family business extremely excited to provide a secure and enjoyable dedicated space to train and develop basketball skills and knowledge of this beautiful game, available to teams and individuals players. Basketball has given us an outlet to get fit, stay active and healthy, be part of a like minded community and help focus and enjoy all aspects that the game has to offer. We are in the lucky position to give back to the community through this sport that we dearly love.

We’ve had to carefully consider the space usage to really focus on the training aspect and create efficient scheduling for our members.

Coach G with our newly arrived Shootaway Gun 10k BBall Machines

Our basketball shooting machines will automatically return made AND missed shots and are programmable to drills and track your FG percentage should you so desire. Some of our base level machines can be hired and directed off site while the advanced machines stationed at the facility are used by US high school, collegiate and NBA teams. These machines greatly assist players wanting to improve their shooting by efficiently getting consistent shot repetitions in, training in certain drills and recording and keeping player stats.

We have a coaches corner for the one on one and smaller class sessions to be able to go through the finer details and improvement to a players game.

We have a FIBA sized half court to work through offensive and defensive sets for teams which we use to run through drills and live play simulations.

There’s a humble workout zone for our members to specifically target areas in strength and conditioning, agility, jump height and speed. We are thankful that we have supportive neighbours just across the road, willing to take the bigger classes should we require.

We have a video room available to coaches, players and teams to go through film, make assessments and put to work on needed areas of improvement and to obviously watch how awesome you are at basketball..

If you’re all about playing basketball the right way, respecting the game, respecting others and being a good person, we welcome you to come check out our gym, where we would be delighted to give you a tour.