Our training facility was made possible with the knowledge, help and dedication we’ve received from our friends and family. As a believer of helping out fellow small local business, below is a list of local businesses who played an integral part in us get up and running and who continue to support us today:

Coach Henry Browne of Triple Threat Basketball Academy (TTBA) is the only coaching program that has a dedicated slot here at the Safehouse and considered part of the family, sharing the same philosophy in providing a quality basketball training program geared to bring the best out our talented youth both on and off the court. Running a high performance representative style training camp on both Wednesdays and Fridays for 2024 and, together with Thoro Basketball Academy, TTBA is a valued Futures Basketball League Partner.

Daniel, owner of Vezba, is our team and player’s strength, conditioning and rehab coach and trainer. With a love for basketball, educated in Sports Physiology, personal training and nutrition, Dan’s is a valued asset to the Safehouse.

Move with Me Yoga and Pilates instructor and owner Marcia loves teaching Pilates because of the positive impact it has on the physical and mental well-being of those who practice. As a trained dancer and ex-performer, movement has always been a major part of Marcia’s life. Pilates complemented Marcia’s dance training with its focus on lengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and strengthening the core. Marcia has a special interest in working with our basketball athletes to assist conditioning the body and prevent injury and reach peak physical performance.  

When she isn’t teaching or doing Pilates, Marcia is a parent to three young children and is enthusiastic about travel, cheese, design, live entertainment and sharing meals with family and friends. 
Move with Me Yoga and Pilates Insta

BR Electrical. Billy went above and beyond to assist with ALL the electrical work and fit out in making the safehouse bright and secure. A trustworthy and reliable sparky who gets the job done, gives options and is up front about costs.

MSF Sports. Minh was with us right from the beginning at the planning stage. The inception of the court layout to the implementation of the awesome court you see today. Minh displays a LOT of patience, is backed by a basketball passionate team and really do focus on their clients needs.

Adam at Edge Creative took care of our signage, stickers, business cards and marketing requirements. We’ve had Edge Creative do this for a number of businesses and when you have a partner with proven track record of looking after clients, why would go anywhere else?

Mohamed at Protec Engineers took care of installing the car parking bays, bollards and protective padding together with the safety equipment in the stairwells. They have a vast array of product to fully equip commercial car parks, vehicle access and road safety requirements.

Sandras Swim School at Hurstville Grove aka SSS is a valued supporter of our basketball training facility and we highly recommend SSS for educating our young ones early in the importance of learning to swim. We are a water loving nation and it is very important that our children learn water safety at a minimum if they love enjoying our beaches, rivers and pools.

Ardent Freight Our international freight forwarder who helped us import and customs clear all our imported goods from across the globe. Particularly from USA, China and throughout South East Asia. Bringing in the shooting machines, merchandise and all the Safehouse branded fitness products.

If you’re looking for these services, the Safehouse team would be happy to send through their contact details so you may begin discussions of your particular requirements.